About Department Botany


Head: Prof. Deepak Vyas


Departmental IQAC Profile

 Criterion 1 :-  Curricular Aspects
 Criterion 2 :-  Teaching-Learning and Evaluation
 Criterion 3 :-  Research , Innovations and Extension
 Criterion 4 :-  Infrastructure and Learning Resources
 Criterion 5 :-  Student Support and Progression
 Criterion 6 :-  Governance, Leadership and Management
 Criterion 7 :-  Institutional  Values and Best Practices


About  the Department :

The Department of Botany was established with the inception of the university in 1946. The founder of the department was great Prof.  R. Misra, FNA, known as the father of Ecology in India. Subsequently, it was nurtured under the leadership of Prof. S.B. Saksena, FNA, a renowned mycologist. The contributions of Prof. T.V. Desikachary, FNA., Prof. Y.D.Tyagi, Prof. L.P. Mall, Prof. S.C. Pandya, FNA, Prof. R.S. Mehrotra, Prof. G.P. Mishra and  Prof. K.M Vyas helped to achieve academic Excellence in Botany . Under the leadership of Prof K.M. Vyas the department was recognized as a centre of high learning in Plant Sciences by University Grant Commission as DRS, DSA, and SAP, and thereafter it has been recognized as a centre of excellence by the state government. Later on, significant academic contributions were made by Prof. T.R Sahu,  Prof. P.K. Khare, Prof. A.N. Rai, Prof. Deepak Vyas, Prof.  ML. Khan, Dr. Poonam Dehariya, Dr. A.J. Biswas and Dr. Ashwani Kumar.
The Department is conducting UG, PG, and Ph.D. courses including skill based elective courses such as Mushroom Cultivation, Landscaping and Garden Management, Fungal Biosystematics, Biodiversity Conservation, Climate Change, Plant Protection, Forest Ecology, Limnology and Software’s Applications in Modern Biology. Besides, the department offers other elective courses like Basic Concepts of Botany and Economic Botany.
Botanic Garden of the department is a treasure of rare, native and exotic plants as an Ex-situ conservation management center. It is one of the prestigious Botanic gardens of the country which is also a member of  the Botanic Garden Conservation International, Kew, United Kingdom. The Botanic garden was established by Prof. Y.D. Tyagi, thereafter it was maintained by Dr. R.N. Dakwale, Prof. T.R. Sahu, and Prof. Deepak Vyas is still maintaining it.  The Botanic garden is center for environmental awareness to school children, college students and general public. Now it has become an attraction of the University and people from different walks of life regularly visit the garden. The garden nurtures the needs of the different colleges of Sagar and nearby areas for plant materials.
Well being of society through plant science. Upgrading the academics and research to keep pace with scientific development and needs of the society.
  • To impart quality education and research to students.
  • Development of human resources with hands on experience in frontier areas of Plant Sciences.
  • To promote the self employment of the students through different areas of Plant Sciences.
  • To inculcate environment friendly attitude in students for clean environment.