Department of Chemistry


Name of the Head of Department: Prof. A. P. Mishra
Contact Details:             07582-297135, 9425425938 (Mob.)  
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Year of Establishment :                 1946

Departmental IQAC Profile

 Criterion 1 :-  Curricular Aspects
 Criterion 2 :-  Teaching-Learning and Evaluation
 Criterion 3 :-  Research , Innovations and Extension 
 Criterion 4 :-   Infrastructure and Learning Resources
 Criterion 5 :-  Student Support and Progression
 Criterion 6 :-  Governance, Leadership and Management
 Criterion 7 :-  Institutional  Values and Best Practices 
Brief Introduction of the Department 
The Department was established in 1946 right from the inception of the University under the guidance of Prof. A. K. Bhattacharya and Dr. S. N. Banerjee. It has been relentless and pioneer in spreading the chemical education in each nook and corner of the globe completing 75 years of successful journey by 2021.   Under devoted teachers, the Department made significant contributions to chemical research and technology and trained several hundreds who are themselves carrying out excellent work elsewhere. The broad areas of present research interest of teachers include – Nanoscience & Technology, Nanocomposites,  Nanoporous materials, Heterogeneous Catalysis, Electrochemical Sensors and Supercapacitors, Organometalics,   Electrochemistry, Material Science, Lipid Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Chemical Kinetics, Heterocyclic Chemistry, Natural Products, Coordination Chemistry, Bioinorganic Chemistry, Synthetic & Structural Inorganic and Organic Chemistry, Analytical Separation Chemistry, Computational Chemistry, etc. More than thousand papers have been published in different journal of National and International repute from the Department. With the aim of the academictechnological interaction, syllabi of the PG and PhD courses have been modified. Apart from core papers there are several elective papers (based on UGC scheme) from each branch of Chemistry which the students can choose. A Special Assistance Program (SAP) sanctioned by UGC on “Development of Advanced Electro Analytical Methods for Screening of Biomolecules, Phytochemicals, Pharmaceuticals and modified Drugs” has been completed in the Department. The Department has also been sponsored FIST (infrastructural assistance) program of DST. The Department has Rheometer, Powder Xray Diffractometer, GCTOF, HPLCQTOF, BETsurface analyzer, UVVisible spectrophotometer, FT IR spectrotometer, Atomic Absorption spectrotometer, Flame photometer, Electrochemical Work Station/Potentiostat Galvanostat, Magnetic balance, HPLC, GLC, LCR Meter etc.  The Department is running various major research projects sanctioned by different funding agencies such as DST(Nanoscience), DST(SERB), MPCOST, and UGC. The faculty members have made remarkable contribution in teaching and establishing high quality research facility. Several faculty members enjoyed prestigious international fellowships such as Commonwealth Academic Staff Award Fellowship (UK), Alexander Von Humboldt (AVH) Fellowship, Germany and so on.

Details of Teaching Faculty 

S.No. Name Designation Degree (University /Institute from which awarded)  Subject Specialization
1.  Prof. F. Khan Professor M. Sc. Ph.D. (Dr. HSG VV, Sagar) Physical Chemistry
2.  Prof. Mrs. A. Pandey Professor M. Sc., Ph.D. (APS University, Rewa) Physical Chemistry
3.  Prof. A. P. Mishra Professor M. Sc. D.Phil, D.Sc. (Allahabad University) Inorganic Chemistry
4..  Prof. V. Verma Professor M. Sc., (DA VV, Indore), Ph.D. (IISc, Baganlore) Physical Chemistry
5. Prof. R. Das Professor M. Sc. Ph.D. (Dr. HSG VV, Sagar) Organic Chemistry
6.  Dr. Mrs. R. Yadav Asst. Prof. M. Sc. Ph.D. (Dr. HSG VV, Sagar) Organic Chemistry
7.  Dr. K. K. Raj Asst. Prof. M. Sc. Ph.D. (Dr. HSG VV, Sagar) Inorganic Chemistry
8.  Dr. K. B Joshi Asst. Prof. M. Sc.(Kumaun University, Nanital), Ph.D. (IIT Kanpur) Organic Chemistry
9.  Dr. Smt. S. Rai Asst. Prof. M. Sc., Ph.D. (DDU Gorakhpur University, Gorakhpur) Inorganic Chemistry
10.  Dr. K. Das Asst. Prof. M. Sc., (University of Calcutta)Ph.D. (IIT, Kanpur) Organic Chemistry
11.  Dr. V. Chandra Asst. Prof. M. Sc., (Lucknow University), Ph.D. (IIT, Kanpur) Physical Chemistry
12.  Dr. Mrs. A. Durgabanshi Asst. Prof. M. Sc., (S.A.T.I. Vidisha), Ph.D. (R.R.L., Bhopal) Analytical Chemsitry
13.  Dr. P. Ghosh Asst. Prof. M. Sc. (University of Calcutta), Ph.D. (Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science, Jadavpur) Physical Chemistry
14.  Dr. N. Upadhyay Asst. Prof. M. Sc., Ph.D. (IIT  Roorkee) Inorganic Chemistry
15.  Dr. M. Deshmukh Asst. Prof. M. Sc., Ph.D., (University of Pune) Physical Chemistry, Theoretical, computation Quantum Chemistry
16. Dr. Vivek Tiwari Asst. Prof. M. Sc. Ph.D. (Dr. HSG VV, Sagar) Inorganic Chemistry
17. Dr. Amul Kumar Kesharwani Asst. Prof. M. Sc. Ph.D. (Dr. HSG VV, Sagar) Organic Chemistry
18. Dr. Sandeep Kumar Shukla Asst. Prof. M. Sc. Ph.D. (Dr. HSG VV, Sagar) Physical Chemistry
19. Dr. Vijayshri Surywanshi Asst. Prof. M. Sc., Ph.D. (Dr. HSG VV, Sagar) Organic Chemistry
20. Dr. Anil Kumar Bahe Asst. Prof. M. Sc. CSIR-NET, Ph.D. (Dr. HSG VV, Sagar)  Organic Chemistry