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18 July 1946

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2.4.4 Average percentage of full time teachers who received awards, recognition, fellowships at State, National, International level from Government/Govt. recognised bodies during the last five years  (10) & 3.4.2 The institution provides incentives to teachers who receive state, national and international recognitions/awards
1.Commendation and monetary incentive at a University function
2.Commendation and medal at a University function
3. Certificate of honor
4.Announcement in the Newsletter / website
Name of full time  teachers receiving awards from state level, national level, international level Year of Award  PAN Designation  Name of the award, fellowship, received from Government or Government recognised bodies Name of the Awarding Agency Incentives/Type of the incentive given by the HEI in recognition of the award Link to the relevant documents

3.1.3 Percentage  of teachers receiving national/ international fellowship/financial support by various agencies for advanced studies/ research  during the last five years  (3)
S.No. Name of the teacher awarded national/ international fellowship/financial support  Name of the award/fellowship Year of the Award Awarding Agency Link to certificates 
1 Prof. G. M. Dubey Financial support  2016  ICSSR view
2 Dr. Utasav Annad Telent Award 2020 Jiwaji University view 
3 Dr. Veerandra Sing Matseniya Telent Award 2020 Jiwaji University view

 6.3.4  Average percentage of teachers undergoing online/ face-to-face  Faculty Development Programmes (FDP)during the last five years
 (Professional Development Programmes, Orientation / Induction Programmes, Refresher Course, Short Term Course etc.,) 
Year Name of teacher who attended the program Title of the program Duration (from – to) (DD-MM-YYYY)  Link to the relevent document
2018  Dr. Keshav Tekam  Workshop on "MOOCs"  17.09.2018 to 19.09.2018  view
2019  Dr. Keshav Tekam  GIAN COURSE 09.12.2019 to 15.12.2019  view
2019  Dr. Keshav Tekam  Research Methodology 17.12.2019 to 19.12.2019  view
2020  Dr. Keshav Tekam  FDP on "ICT Tools for   Social Science &   Research" 02.01.2020 to 11.01.2020  view
2016  Dr Veena Thawre  Refresher Course 25.01.2016 to 14.02.2016  view
2016  Dr Veena Thawre  Academic Counsellor 02.09.2016 to 03.09.2016  view
2017  Dr Veena Thawre  Capacity Bulding   Progaramme 09.01.2017 to 22.01.2017  view
2018  Dr Veena Thawre  Workshop 26.03.2018 to 31.03.2018  view
2019  Dr Veena Thawre  Refresher Course 02.12.2019 to 14.12.2019  view
2016  Dr. Veerandra S.   Matseniya  Workshop on YOGA 20.06.2016 to 21.06.2016  view
2017  Dr. Veerandra S.   Matseniya  Flipped Learning  16.10.2017 to 17.102017  view
2017  Dr. Veerandra S.   Matseniya  Orientation Programme 03.07.2017 to 29.07.2017  view
2019  Dr. Veerandra S.   Matseniya  Refresher  Course on   Pedagogical   innovations 31.10.2019 to 13.11.2019  view
2021  Dr. Veerandra S.   Matseniya  Short tyerm Course on   Pedagogy 18.01.2021 to 25.01.2021  view
2021  Dr. Veerandra S.   Matseniya  Short term Course on   NEP  08.11.2021 to 13.11.2021  view


 5.2.1 Average percentage of students qualifying in state/ national/ international level examinations during the last five years (eg: NET/SLET/GATE/GMAT/CAT/GRE/JAM/IELTS/TOEFL/Civil Services/State government examinations) (10)
Year Registration number/roll number for the exam Names of students selected/ qualified NET SLET GATE GMAT CAT GRE JAM IELTS TOEFL Civil Services State government examinations Any such other Examinations Link the relevant Documents 
MP/CG SLET                          
2017 STEC116071 Amarjeet Sahu    MP                      view
2017 SETC143156 Pradeep Pandram    MP                      view
2017 SETC142379 Devrishi Bhilavi    MP                      view
2017 SETC129510 Vishnukant Prajapati    MP                      view
2017 SET417975 Mahendra Yadav   MP                      view
2017 131754020 Amarjeet Sahu    CG                      view
UGC  NET                          
2016 80007331 Vishnukant Verma  NET                        view
2016 80007503 Pooja Sahu  NET                        view
2017 38002741 Jayprakesh Yadav  NET                        view
2019 MP045000082 Mahendra Yadav  NET                        view
2019 MP1205200550 Amarjeet Sahu  NET                        view
2019 MP12001500428 Reena Patel  NET                        view
2020 MP12000798  Akash Simoliya NET                         view 
2020 MP12000758 Jaya Pandey NET                        view
2020 MP12000795 Pooja Sahu NET                         view 
2020 MP12000842 Shivam Kabir NET                        view
2020 MP12000704 Rizwan Ahmad NET                        view
MP State Assistant Professor                          
2019 14/2019 Dr. Kamlesh Kumar Dubey                     State Assistant Professor Exam    view
2019 39/2019 Pramesh Kumar Goutam                     State Assistant Professor Exam    view
2019 44/2019 Madhukar Etewar                     State Assistant Professor Exam    view
2019 69/2019 Gourav Patidar                     State Assistant Professor Exam    view
2019 130/2019 Mahisha Sharma                     State Assistant Professor Exam    view
2019 139/2019 Pradeep Pandram                     State Assistant Professor Exam    view
2019 96/2019 Khudeja Praveen Ansari                     State Assistant Professor Exam    view
2019 100/2019 Anand Prataap Yadav                     State Assistant Professor Exam    view
2019 178/2019 Dugesh Nandni Gaykawar                     State Assistant Professor Exam    view
2019 182/2019 Devrishi Bhilavi                      State Assistant Professor Exam    view
  Total                           Grand Total


Departmental IQAC Profile



Criterion  1

    Curricular Aspects

Criterion  2

    Teaching-Learning and Evaluation

Criterion  3

    Research , Innovations and Extension

Criterion  4

    Infrastructure and Learning Resources

Criterion  5

    Student Support and Progression

Criterion  6

    Governance,Leadership and Management

Criterion  7

    Institution Values and Best Practices


About The Department:-

        The Department of Economics is one of the oldest departments of the University. It came into existence along with the university on 18th July, 1946 with Dr. M. K. Shetey as the only teacher in the department. The department received a fillip when Dr. A. N. Agrawal joined the department as Reader and Head in 1947. He organized an impressive “Economics conversazine” in the beginning of 1948, which was inaugurated by the founder Dr. Harisingh Gour himself. In 1953 Professor L.C Jain, Ph.D., D.Sc. (London) joined as the first Professor of Economics. He put the department on a firm footing. Research activities were not only initiated but were considerably strengthened during his regime. In 1957 Prof. S.B.L. Nigam (Ph.D. London) became the Head of the department. He was in the department for a short time in 1960 he left the department and became India’s Permanente representative at International Labour Organization, Geneva.  

         In 1960 Shri J.N. Mishra (M.Sc. London) became Reader and Head of the Department of Economics. He guided the destinies of the department for 13 years. With liberal financial grants from the UGC a large number of books and journals were acquired for the library. Dr. J. L. Agrawala, Dr. A. Raman and Dr. B.D. Mishra, Dr.Shriprakash and Dr.P.K. Patankar all so  joined the department as Assistant Professors. To improve the teaching and research in Agricultural Economics, Dr. V.P Pande went to London School of Economics and he was awarded the degree of Ph.D. in 1963. In 1964 Dr. V.P. Pande was made Reader in Economics to improve teaching & research in Agricultural Economics. Shri M.L. Tripathi also joined the department as a Research Assistant during this period. Dr. M.K. Shetey  was appointed Reader in the department in 1969. Thus, during the first and the second five year plans, the department progressed rapidly, largely due to liberal grants sanctioned for the department by the UGC. Shri K.C. Jain joined the department as a research assistant in 1970. The three intervening Five year plans had more or less by passed the Department. After the sad demise of Prof. J.N. Mishra, Dr. V.P. Pande became the Head of the Department in 1968 and in 1972 he became Professor of Economics.

         Prof. V.P. Pande took keen interest in the department. It was his initiative that an additional Professor in Economics of Growth and One Reader in Agricultural Economics were sanctioned by the UGC in the fifth five year plan. During his tenure Teacher Research Fellowship scheme was introduced in the department and about 15 Lecturers from different states joined the department as Teacher Research Fellows. One Technical Officer Shri Shayam Manohar Mishra was also appointed during the same period.

        In October 1983 Prof. V.P. Pande retired and Dr. A Raman became the Reader & Head of the department. Dr. Raman later became Professor in 1985. The specialized Post of Professor (Economics of Growth) was offered to Prof. R. Mehrotra who joined the University in May 1985. In March 1985 Dr. Subodh Pande joined the department; previously he was serving in the M.P. State Educational Services. Dr. Subodh Pande was selected by the UGC under the Government of India’s Cultural & Academic exchange programme to visit Hungary for three months. In Hungary, Budapest Dr. Pande was attached to the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in 1990. Prof. R. Mehrotra became DCDC and later in April 1996 he retired from the University. On 1st May 1996 Dr. Subodh Pande became the Head of the Department.  Dr. Subodh Pande continued as Head of the Department up to 2002. During this period Dr. G.M. Dubey was appointed as Lecturer in Economics and later in 2013 he became Professor. Dr. K.C. Jain became the Head of the Department of Economics in 2002 and continued as Head up to May 2007. Dr. Utasav Anand joined the department 2004 as Lecturer and he became Associate Professor 2018. On 31st September 2020 Dr. Utasav Anand became the Head of the Department. Dr. Keshav Tekam  joined the department 2007 as Lecturer. Dr. Veena Thawre  & Dr. V.S. Mtsaniya were appointed as Assistant Professor in 2013.


Vision and Mission

Vision of the Department:- 

  • The vision of the department of Economics consists of exploring the economic study and analysis, policy framing and implementation, issues faced by the Indian economy along with the analysis of other economies in the world.
  • The department thrives to reach standards of excellence in teaching, research and consultancy.
  • The primary mission to provide a high-quality education in economics to future leaders of industry, government and civil society.
  • Our vision is the preparation of students capable of critical thinking and independent analysis for living their lives of responsibility, leadership and service.
  • To create a collaborative teaching, learning and research environment that emphasizes on social responsibility, ethical decision-making and a global perspective. 


Mission of the Department:- 

  • Emphasizing on quality teaching.
  • Demonstrating competency through continuous professional development and research.
  • Providing a solid foundation in economic application, Concepts and Decision- Making Skills.
  • Providing a rigorous program of study at the master's level in order to prepare the students for doctoral work. 


Distinguished features of the Department:-

       The department of Economics has exhibited considerable increment in the allotted seats to the Programmes of UG and PG. the department has witnessed constant surplus of the students applying for UG as well as PG programmes which can be gauged from the data of 2021.

       Apparently, the students of the department of Economics have also bagged great achievements in the field of civil services, higher education and have established themselves in the sphere of Academia. The faculties are also acting as external Subject Experts in Board of studies / RDC Experts of different universities. The faculties of the department are actively involved in conducting the courses and National & International Seminars and Faculty Development Program like Refresher Course and Short Term Course through HRDC.


Uniqueness of Department:

     The faculty of the department inhabit leadership and management expertise which is evident from the major participation of the faculty members in the wide range activities of the university. The faculty members have prominent position in the administration and also handling major affairs of the university with responsibility. The department portrays diversity at each level and yet it maintains integrity along with the realisation of personal responsibility. This multi faceted approach accommodates the dissemination of knowledge among its stake holders.


Contributions of the Faculties:-

Some of our Faculty members are continuously engaged in – 

  • Delivering lectures in other Departments, HRDC, Remedial centre
  • Organizing seminars and workshops.
  • Delivering lectures as resource person in Refresher/Orientation Course/ Seminars/ Webinars.             


 Heads of the Department:-





  Dr.  M. K. Shetey



  Dr.  A. N. Agrawal



  Prof.  L. C. Jain



  Prof.  S. B. L. Nigam  



  Prof.  J. N. Mishra



  Prof.  V. P. Pande      



  Prof.  A. Raman



  Prof.  R. Mehrotra



  Dr. Subodh Pande



  Prof.  Keval Jain      

2002- 2009


  Prof. Subodh Pande



  Prof. G. M. Dubey



  Dr. Utasav Anand

2020 - .....


















 Faculty of the Department :-





  Subject Specialization

Teaching experience 


Dr. Utasav Anand

M.A. NET, Ph.D

Associate Professor &  HoD

Macro Economics,Public Economics & Money and Banking.



Prof. Girish Mohan Dubey

M.A. Ph.D.


International  Economics, Indian Economy & Quantitative Methods.



Dr. Keshav Tekam

M.A. NET, Ph.D

Assistant Professor

Micro, Macro Economics & Agriculture Economics



Dr. Veena Thawre M.A.  M.Ed M.Phil,  Ph.D Assistant Professor Quantitative Methods, Econometrics and Mathematics Economics & Development of Economics. 09


Dr. Veerendra Singh Mtasaniya

M.A. NET, Ph.D,    LL.B.

Assistant Professor

Development, of Economics Unorganized sector in India, Labour Economics.



Details of Guest Faculty during  :



Degree (University / Institute from which awarded)

Subject Specialization


  Dr. Harinarayan Vishwakarma

M.A, Ph.D (Dr. Harising Gour Vishwavidyalaya) NET, MPSET

Indian Economy, Labour Economics and Industrial Economics..