M.A. IVth Sem.  2020-21

Course Code Course Name Name of the students Supervisor's Name Link
HIS-SE-426 Dissertation Priyanka  Ahriwar  Dr. Sanjay Barolia view
Rakesh Kumar  Dr. Sanjay Barolia view
Mahesh Ahirwar  Dr. Sanjay Barolia view
Harendra Barsaiya  Dr. Sanjay Barolia view
Anil Anand  Dr. Sanjay Barolia view
Suraj Kumar Patel  Dr. Sanjay Barolia view
Raja Bhaiya Patel  Dr. Priti Anil Khandare view
Parul Babele  Dr. Priti Anil Khandare view
Sonu Ahirwar  Dr. Priti Anil Khandare view
Khushboo Chaudhary  Dr. Priti Anil Khandare view
Anmol Bohra  Dr. Priti Anil Khandare view
Amrish Patel  Dr. Priti Anil Khandare view
Mahesh Kumar Ahirwar  Dr. Pankaj Singh view
Harsh Agnihotri  Dr. Pankaj Singh view
Raghvendra Tiwari  Dr. Pankaj Singh view
Yogendra Singh Lodi  Dr. Pankaj Singh view
Roop Lal Ahirwar  Dr. Pankaj Singh view
Sanjay Singh Rajput  Dr. Pankaj Singh view


5.1.2 Average percentage of students benefited by career counseling and guidance for competitive examinations offered by the Institution during the last five years
(10): NA
Year Name of the Activity conducted by the HEI  to offer guidance for  competitive examinations & career counseling offered by the institution during the last five years Number of students attended / participated Link to the relevant document
2016-17 Career Counselling 20  View
2017-18 Career Counselling 22  View
2018-19 Career Counselling 19  View
2019-20 Career Counselling 14  View
2020-21 Career Counselling 16  View