Mahila Club


                                                                               Mahila Club  ( Mahila Samaj  )

A Mahila Club named  after " Mahila Samaj " was established in Dr. Hari Singh Gour  Vishwavidyalaya,  Sagar on  16-3- 1971 . Ever since it’s formation , the Club has been functioning continuously, acting as a platform of activities for women associated with the University as faculties ,wife of faculties/officers .


 “Mahila Samaj ” is  dedicated towards  social welfare , entertainment, integration and  betterment of the society of women associated with university , living in the campus or outside.

About the Club:

All the ladies, namely, the female faculties and the wives of officers/ teaching-faculties of the Dr. Hari Singh Gour university are eligible to become a member of the “Mahila Club” subject to their acceptance by the committee.

The Committee:

With over 50 regular members, “Mahila Club” has an elected committed  to take care of day-to-day activities and other important decision making. The committee  consists of the President,  Secretary, Joint-Secretary, Treasurer and some executive  committee members.


The wife of Hon,ble Vice Chancellor (or Vice Chancellor, herself) acts upon as a guardian of the “Mahila Club”. However, in the absence of the Vice Chancellor’s wife, the Vice Chancellor himself acts  as a Guardian of the Club.

Tenure of Committee:

Every year, all club members  elect a committee by voting process or by unanimous consent. Upon the nomination of the interested members, the voting happens in the presence of an Election Officer.

Current Committee Members  of Mahila Club -Year-2021-22






 Dr.(Mrs.) Ratna Shukla

President, Mahila Club ( Mahila Samaj)






Mrs. Renu Shukla

Secretary, Mahila Club (Mahila Samaj)